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Hedberg is a third-party software for the contract office furniture industry. This integration offers customers the ability to export SI Projects to Hedberg, eliminating double data entry and making it easier to manage projects that were originally designed in D-Tools.


SI Projects can be exported to Hedberg using a custom report that assembles an XML file. To use this integration, please contact us first so we can add your Company Code and email you the custom report for you. Our contact info is at the bottom of these instructions.



Data Field Requirements

D-Tools requires four pieces of information to map the XML fields to the Hedberg System:

  • Company Code - Usually a single-digit letter, hard-coded on the report
  • Customer Number - Mapped to the Client Number in the project
  • Processing Code - Mapped to Product Custom Field 2
  • Vendor Number - Mapped to Product Custom Field 1


There is no additional cost for this integration.


Supported Versions



The import functionality in Hedberg is available on Hedberg version 7.115-15 or higher.

Older versions do not support this feature.



This report is supported on V12 or higher.


Setup Part 1  - Configure the Vendor Field


For each Vendor you plan to use, you will need to define the Product Custom Fields for the VendorNumber and ProcessingCode. These Custom Field values will be included on each Product line item on both the Catalog (Database) and Projects.


If you are already using the Custom Fields 1 and/or 2, please let us know so we can map the "Vendor Field" and the "process Code" to different Custom Fields on your report code.


If the Custom Field 1 and 2 are available, please verify the following:


1- Go to Start -> Setup -> Control Panel



2- Click on Product/Labor Custom Fields

Product-Labor Custom Fields.PNG



3- Enter on Custom Field 1 "Hedberg Vendor Number"

4- Enter on Custom Field 2 "Process Code"




On each item, on both the Catalog Items and Project Items, this custom field becomes available. Enter the Vendor Number that is applicable to each product. There are a couple of different ways to do that, including mass update, manually change each item, or exporting/importing from excel. Consult with us if you need assistance on this step.


If you are already using the Custom Field 1 or 2, please let us know so we can map the "Vendor Field" and "Process Code" to a different Custom Field(s).


Setup Part 2 - Send to D-Tools your HDS Company Code


Please contact (support@d-toolshelp.com) and let us know your Company Code from the Hedberg. We will need to add it to the report code. We will email you the custom report with your Company Code, so it can be used on "Setup Part 3"


Setup Part 3 - Add the report into D-Tools SI


1. You will receive an email from us with your Custom Report . Save this file somewhere on your machine.


2. In SI, go to Start-> Reports -> Manage Reports.


3. Click on "Import" then "File".


4. Browse to the location of the file you downloaded on Step 1. Select it and Click on "Open"




5. When receiving this prompt, click on "Yes"



You now have the custom report installed on your SI Client and SI Server.


Exporting Projects


This integration feature allows you to export SI Project data and then import into Hedberg.


VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the Customer on your SI project has a Client Number, which must be your Hedberg System Customer's number. Here is an example:




1. Open the Project Explorer as shown on the image below:




2. Select the Project of your choice, then click on the "Reports" tab, then on "Clients" as shown below:




  1. Select the "Hedberg Export" Report, as shown below, then click on Run or Run and Close




4. A new window will pop-up, and it will look like the image below. 




5. An XML file will be created automatically on your desktop.


6. Please import your XML file into your Hedberg System using Hedberg’s Import feature. For instructions on this step, please reference the Hedberg System’s Online Help.



Problems importing the file?

If you experience any errors or problems importing the file into Hedberg, please contact Hedberg's support first. Once the problem is determined by Hedberg, please contact us and forward the recommendations from Hedberg to support@d-toolshelp.com. We can modify your custom report (XML file) based on Hedberg's feedback.


To contact Hedberg, please use the following email: support.hedberg@steelcase.com

Their phone number is 860-758-9010

Check List

Please go through this checklist prior to run the Hedberg Report"


  • Special Characters: Consider removing "Special Characters" from any Manufacturer, Model, Vendor or Description for each product. While Special Characters are not passed to the XML file, they could cause a duplication issue, where the record in Hedberg could be different than the same record in D-Tools. Special characters are non-alphanumerical characters, such as: 
    • &
    • <
    • >
    • "
    • '
    • /
    • \
  • All Items have Processing Code and Vendor Number 
  • Your Customer has a Customer ID


You may experience issues importing a file that has one of the exceptions listed above.


If you have any additional questions, please send an email to support@d-toolshelp.com 






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