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Oracle is a platform for ERP and CRM applications, usually implemented on medium to large organizations. If your company is using an Oracle-based application, and you would like to push your project information into Oracle, please consider using this integration as it streamlines the process and eliminates double data entry. There is no additional cost for downloading and using this custom report. 


This report was built based on the requirements stated below:





Part Number

Part Number
Manufacturer Manufacturer
Model Model


Short Description of the item

Qty Quantity
Item Cost

Unit Cost

List Price Unit Price

This report can be modified to meet your current utilization of Product/Labor Custom Fields. Please note that development fees may apply for modification of this report.



Custom Report Import Instructions: (one-time setup)

  1. Contact us at api@d-toolshelp.com and request the custom report for Oracle
  2. Click on Start -> Reports -> Manage Reports -> Import -> File -> Browse to the Oracle.dtr file
  3. From the Manage Reports Window -> Export -> Server
  4. All users will then be able to download the report file from the server and use this report moving forward.



Exporting D-Tools SI Projects


The process for D-Tools users is the following

  1. The user selects a project and clicks on “Reports” Tab
  2. User select “Client.”
  3. The user runs the report (BOM to Oracle) 
  4. The user saves the report as a CSV file
  5. User import the file.csv into the Oracle-based application


If you have any additional questions, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com 






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