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Vista by Viewpoint


************* IN PROGRESS *************


Required Columns

  1. Record Type = Always 5
  2. Job# = 18-004-
  3. Contract Item = 3
  4. Material Code = Model
  5. Material Description = Blank
  6. Phase Code = Always 01-003-
  7. Cost Type = 2
  8. Vendor = Custom Field 3
  9. Units = Quantity (Aggregation)
  10. UM = Custom Field 5
  11. Unit Cost = Unit Cost
  12. Amount = Blank
  13. Notes (Part #) = Part Number
  14. Quote # = Custom Field 4 



Vista by Viewpoint is an accounting software designed for the construction industry. The industry-leading solution that is scalable, configurable, and fully integrated, Vista provides timely reporting of critical financial data with unrivaled visibility and control.


Integration Process

This integration takes advantage of the "Export" feature in the D-Tools Project Editor, and the import functionality in Vista.




1. In SI, go to Start-> Project -> Manage Projects -> Check out and Open any project of your choice.


2. Go to Layouts -> "Manage" under Custom Layout Section




3. Click the [Copy] button to copy your API Key and then close these windows.






That is all, 


For additional details, please visit 

Exporting Project Products (BOM)


You can export SI Products to Vista






If you have any additional questions, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com 






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