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The Benefit of Atlantic Technology’s ICTS-6 LCR

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The Benefit of Atlantic Technology’s ICTS-6 LCR
© 2010 Steve Feinstein and Atlantic Technology

The Dilemma: Great Theater Sound, without any visible speakers. (No, not even in-walls!)

The Answer: The Atlantic Technology ICTS-6 LCR. Bona fide, top quality LCR sound from a CEILING speaker.

Most ceiling speakers fire straight down, as in Figure 1. Fine for background music, not so great for real theater sound.

Some ceiling speakers have angled drivers, as in Figure 2. Better, but still less than ideal.

The problem is that the woofer in conventional ceiling speakers handles too much of the sound spectrum and woofers send out their sound like a flashlight beam—pretty much straight ahead. So even if they’re angled, they still don’t do a very good job of covering the entire listening area with sound. That’s why ordinary ceiling speakers are a bad choice for critical LCR use.

What’s needed is a speaker where the TWEETER, not the woofer, handles more of the sound spectrum, because tweeters spread the sound out over a very wide area.

Simple, right? But typical tweeters are lazy. They don’t like to work very hard, so most speaker designers take the easy way out and only use the tweeter for the very highest treble notes. (Engineers call this a “high crossover point.”)

Atlantic Technology is different—and better. We’ve engineered a special tweeter—the Low Resonance Tweeter or LRT™—that can work very hard (a “low crossover point”), and therefore, it can play most of the middle tones as well, relieving the woofer of having to do what woofers can’t do. Our tweeter spreads out the midrange sound (“disperses” the sound) over a much wider angle than the woofer, so the 6 LCR covers the entire listening area beautifully in both the midrange and treble.

And we accomplish this without expensive motorized mechanisms or complicated 3-way designs. The 6 LCR is not needlessly overpriced or complex. It’s just clever and straightforward—and it sounds great!

Everyone wins—the audiophile, the installer, and the décor-conscious.


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