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Deleting a local SketchUp collection in windows vista

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CSL002Google SketchUp is one of the most powerful 3D software solutions out there.  Building components and creating local collections seems too easy to perform with Google SketchUp, but to remove or delete a local collection should be as easy. By Maintaining patience and perseverance, I was able to discover a tricky solution to delete a local SketchUp collection in windows vista.

My first experience with SketchUp was with windows XP, but I got a new machine with windows vista, and I encountered a problem. I created a local collection, but when I decided to change the name of the collection I found myself struggling.  Because I was not able to rename it,  I decided to delete it, but I couldnt do that either!

When a local collection is created you are allowed to select a folder, but if you select the sketchup sample folder you will find yourself in the same situation as me. In the components’ window, at the top right side, there is an arrow menu, which allows to “Open or create a local collection…”, “3D Warehouse Terms of Service”, “Add to favorites” and “Remove from Favorites”. This menu is missing the “Delete Collection” function. I looked for a solution in several blogs and forums, but I did not have any luck.

Creating a local collection:

  • From the “Components” window, create a local collection by clicking on the top right arrow and select “Open or create a local collection…”
  • Then create a new collection under the following location: “c:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Components” and click “Make New Folder”, then enter the collection’s name and click “OK”.
  • In the Components’ window you will see the new collection folder
  • Now try to delete it, from the SketchUp interface or manually from the file folder.

Deleting a local collection:

  • Create a new SketchUP drawing page
  • In the component window, click the “home” icon.
  • Select “Component Sample” and then any component from the collection
  • From the top section of the window select the same component
  • Switch to the “Edit” tab
  • Click the folder icon

folder icon

  • Click on the drop down arrow
  • Select the “Components” folder
  • Right click on the “My Local Collection” folder and select “Delete”

While working with windows XP I was able to delete manually my custom local collection folder, even if I created under the SketchUp components samples folder. With windows vista, there is no way to do it, even if you change the mode to show hidden files. You will not be able to see the custom local collection folder, even if it shows in the Components window.  The practical solution is, do not create your local collection under the same folder of the SketchUp Components samples. The best thing to do, is to place your custom local collections in the same folder as where you created your components. By doing this, you will be able to rename or delete manually your local collections.

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