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Additional new Wire Shape

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In my last post I told you about a cool new wire shape some of our team members had come up with, that displays the CompenentID at both ends of the wire.

Now Vic has added more helpful functionality to a new wire shape.  This Finish Wire shape is very similar to our Beta wire shape that shows the ComponentID at both ends.  The additional functionality of this shape is that the line pattern and color of the shape is determined by the Type field of the wire product.  There are nine Types coded into this shape and each one has its own color and pattern: Audio, Control, Data, Phone, Power, RGBHV, RGB, RF, and Video.  If your product has its Type field set to an “unknown” type (not one of the nine listed above), the default is a solid black line shape.

Check out this new wire shape here:  http://support.d-tools.com/08Visio_Interface/001NEW_Beta_Wire_Shape/Beta_Finish_Wire_with_Type

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