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Unable to locate LANSync Server message during startup of SI5

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This message will sometimes occur during the startup of SI5 (immediately after clicking the SI5 icon to launch the application).  The message window looks like the one in the image below for SI5.5 (slightly different for SI5.0-SI5.2)


Note: If you have recently upgraded from SI5.2 to SI5.5, this message could indicate that you DID NOT upgrade the LANSync Server Component first as indicated in the upgrade instructions found here – http://www.d-toolsblog.com/product-view/critical-si55-update-notice/

The message simply means that the Host/Server is currently unreachable to the client. This can be caused by several factors.  Lets take a look at what some of those may be in order to assist you with troubleshooting and identifying the problem.

From the Client PC – Steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Lets start with the basics, is the Host/Server PC on?
    1. Are you on the same Domain or Workgroup as the Host/Server PC?
    2. Are you working from a remote location using a VPN or Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)?
    3. Have you installed any new Firewall or Anti-Virus-Privacy-Protection programs that could be preventing you from accessing the Host/Server PC? If yes, please turn them off or remove them, and then try to connect to the LANSync Host/Server PC again
    4. Have you tried restarting the server or the client PC and then trying to connect again?
  2. Can any of the other SI5 clients (if you have more than one) access the server via D-Tools?
  3. Can you access the shared folders by clicking on the START  icon > RUN and typing \\servename then pressing enter key? See image below for reference



The next window should show the DToolsV5Projects and DToolsV5Products folder. Try double-clicking either of them to see if you can access the  shared  folders without being prompted to log in or without getting a “You do not have permission to access this folder” message.


4. If you have been able to follow these steps without any issues, lets now move on to the LANSync Host/Server PC (physically)

From the LANSync Host/Server PC (If you run LANSync and the SI5 Client on the same machine, you can still follow these steps):

  1. Has anything changed on the Host/Server? Just like in the Client PC steps above, Check to make sure that if you have installed any new Firewall or Anti-Virus programs that you allow or create exceptions for D-Tools Server and Clients to have access, if you do not how to do this, please contact the vendor of the program for more info
  2. Now lets check to make sure that the Services for SQL and D-Tools LANSync server are in the “Started” mode
    1. Click on START > RUN and type in services.msc then press enter key, you should now have the Services window open
    2. Browse for D-Tools System Integrator Services and make sure that it says Started next to it. If it’s not started, click on the service to highlight it and then click the START service linkservices55startedlansync

3. Also, scroll down in the same Services window and check on the SQL Server (DTOOLSV5) service and make sure that it is also started


5. If any of the services above were stopped, start them and then try to connect from the client to the LANSync Host/Server again after you have started them

6. If you have tried all of the above and you are still experiencing this issue, please contact the support team directly by calling 866-386-6571 option 2 at the prompt, and then option 1 at the next prompt. You may also contact them via email.


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