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Drag and Drop Images in SI5.5 SP2

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There are several new features in SI5.5 SP2 that I am really excited about, in this post I will describe a few of them.  We have added the ability to drag and drop images and text inside the Manage My Product Data, Product Properties screen.

So let’s say you have a Crestron APAD and you need its image.   Click on the Google button (new for SI5.5 SP2), which will take you to Google Products for “Crestron APAD” 


If you like the image in the Google Products page you can use it or you can select “Images” to go to Google Images to find a better picture of an APAD

I like the 1800 x 1800 image from the Google Images page.  Now here is the cool part, left click the image and drag it to the Master Table Product Properties page and drop it in the Image area.  The same functionality works for text in the Product Description and Client Description areas.  Hit save and you are done adding your image!

I hope this helps, Steve Collard.

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