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Projects Won’t Open in the Text Interface

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groupcricketsIssue: You attempt to open an SI5.5 project in the Text interface and the interface does not open.  No error, just nothing happens…crickets.

Cause: This can occur on machines that are running both SI 4 and SI5.5.  Although these two versions run completely independently of each other, in both versions the file extension “.dtl” is used for “Text” project files.  In this case, the “.dtl” file extension has become dissociated with SI5.5.


1. Browse to your local SI5.5 project folder (the default is C:\Documents and Settings\*username\My Documents\D-Tools SI 5 Projects but you can check your path via the Setup tab in the SI5.5 Navigator) and select a “.dtl” file.

Note: If you are not showing file extensions on your machine, you can enable them by opening “My Computer” and selecting Tools->Folder Options…->View tab and un-checking the “Hide file extensions for known file types” option.

2. Right-click the selected .dtl and select Open With->Choose Program.

3. Select “D-Tools System Integrator – Text Interface” from the list if available and check the “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” checkbox.  If you do not see it in the list, use the [Browse…] button to select the following file: C:\Program Files\D-Tools\SI 5\DToolsText.exe

open with

This will correct the issue and you should never have to do this again even if you continue to open SI 4 projects within the SI 4 Text interface on this machine.

-Seth Enos

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