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Removing Grouping settings from the Project DataMatrix

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single_six_targetIt is often handy to remove the Grouping settings within a project so that you can sort data.  The default Groupings in SI5.5 are first to group by Location then by Zone in addition to displaying packages and accessories together.  To view your Grouping settings, click the [Add and Remove Columns, Groups] button and then the Grouping tab:


When you uncheck all Grouping settings, your Project DataMatrix (PDM) will display as a simple grid. Now you can click any column to sort ascending or descending.  Or you can right-click a column heading to sort ascending or descending.  And if two ways weren’t enough, you can click the [Sort] button in the PDM (looks like a standard MS sort button).  This button will open a window that allows you to sort up to three levels deep:



Here are some examples/scenarios of when turning off Groupings and Sorting your PDM can come in handy.

#1 – You have duplicated equipment in your project and you wish to change the price for all of the similar parts.  Once your PDM is sorted, you simply have to hold down [Shift] on your keyboard to select the similar products and then change the price in just one of the price fields.  When you take focus away from that cell, the price will update for all selected products.



#2 – You begin creating a project and realize that you should have changed the Price Type for the project to something other than the default “A” pricing.  When you change the Price Type for a project, it does not affect the existing products.  Using the same procedure in #1, select the products and just change one product’s Price Type field in the PDM (in this example my Price Type “A” is named “Retail” and I wish to change to “B” which I have named “Builder” under my Setup tab):



#3 – You are working on a project in a state/county/country that does not allow you to tax anything that is “staying with the building” (rough-in wire, in-wall speakers, etc…).  Make sure you “Taxable” column is set to display and then you can easily sort and scan your PDM to verify what products this option must be unchecked for.  The “Type” field can come in handy here for sorting:



Besides removing Groupings, you may just wish to occasionally change the way your PDM groups for reviewing a project.  In the first screen shot in this article, it appears that there are only three options for Grouping.  This is due to the “Group on Packages and Accessories” option being checked.  When this is checked, you are limited to just Location and Zone as additional options.   When unchecked, you can group by just about any field available for a product:



You may want to group your PDM by Location and then by Category for a quick review of a project for example:



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