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Moving a Server is Easy in SI5.5


With SI5.5, server moves are the easiest they have ever been!

STEP 1)  The first step is to check in all Projects and log off all users from your current SI5.5 server.

STEP 2)  The second step is to back up your current server database. This will be handled in SI5.5 in the SI5.5 Administration Console using the Backup Server function.

a)     Open the SI5.5. Administration Console on your current server.

b)    Select Manage -> Database from menu options.

c)     Click the [Backup Server] button.


You should make a habit of creating daily or weekly backups of your Server data. Be sure to backup this data to a different physical device. If you are using a dedicated server, it may include software that will automatically backup SQL data.  This Backup and Restore function is intended primarily to be used to easily change where the SI 5.5 Server is installed.

When you click [Backup Server], you will be prompted to verify that you have checked in all projects and that all user are logged out of SI 5.5:


Once you confirm, you will need to browse to a folder where you want to save your SI5.5 Server Backup Archive file. You will not need to change the path of the “Server Project Folder” unless you changed the defaults during install.  Click [Backup Server] when ready:







STEP 3) The next step is to install the SI5.5 Server on your new machine.  Please refer to this link http://support.d-tools.com/02Installation_Admin

a)     Choose a machine that you would like to install the SI5.5 Server components.  This must be a machine on the same Workgroup/Domain as the machines on which you intend to install the SI5.5 Client components.

b)    Follow the instructions in the documentation.  We recommend you read the onscreen instructions rather than just clicking [Next] through the install.

Make sure that you have added these exceptions in your firewall for your server.  Here is a full list:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Binn\sqlservr.exe

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlbrowser.exe

C:\Program Files\D-Tools\SI 5\Server\DTools.Services.exe

Port 9000, 1343 and 1344 should also be opened.

This link will show the most current settings http://support.d-tools.com/02Installation_Admin/01Install_SI5_Trial/01Firewall_Settings

c)     Register link will show the most in the link at the beginning of step 3 above.  If you did not change the User Name and Password during the installation of the SI5.5 Server the default is: Username = admin, Password = admin

STEP 4)  Restoring your Databases to your new Server

a)    While still logged into the SI5.5 Server Administration Console on your new machine, Select Manage -> Database from menu options.

b)     Click the [Restore Server] button to restore a backup of your data. Once again, you will be prompted to confirm that all projects are checked in and that all users are logged out of SI 5.5:


Once you confirm, you will then browse to where your backup file is stored. The path for where your SQL data is stored will be filled in for you.  Note: if you have multiple instances of SQL installed on the machine, the folder “MSSQL.1” in the path below may need to be changed to the proper path, usually something like “MSSQL.2” or “MSSQL.3”.  Here you will make a choice between deleting or overwriting the existing files, deleting is recommended.  When ready click [Restore Server]:


One important note, the above described process does not back up or move any custom reports.  Custom reports are stored on each client machine on which they were created.  If you need to backup or move any custom reports, please check out this link: http://support.d-tools.com/10Reports/zTips_Tricks/Sharing_Reports

I hope this post helps, Steve Collard.


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