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Items in Service Orders

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service_call_ballA Service Order is intended for scheduling time for a technician to go to a jobsite for work that is outside the scope of normal project installation.   Service Orders are very different than most other modules or functions within SI5.5 in that you are required to assign them to a Client, but you do not have to assign them to a Project.   Even if you do assign a Service Order to a project:

-          Install Items added to a Service Order will not be added to the Project

-          The Service Order will not be added to the Project Schedule but will be added to the Resource Calendar when assigned a Resource

There are three types of products that can be added to a Service Order: Repair Items, Install Items, and Labor Items.

Repair Items – these are products from the project*.  There is no product price or labor associated with them as it assumed that these have already been installed.

*Repair Items only become active when you assign a Project to the Service Order

Install Items – these are new products from your SI5.5 database.  No labor is associated with these items.  Install Items do not get added to the Project.  A price is associated with the products unless you check the Warranty box.

Labor Items – these are Labor products from your database.  These are the only items that will count towards labor in the Service Order.  A labor price is associated with these items unless you check the Warranty box.

When you choose to export items from a Service Order to QuickBooks as an Estimate, only Install Items and Labor Items will populate the form:

-Seth Enos

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