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Labor Products in Tasks

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Labor Product – also called Labor Items or Labor SKUs.  Any product in your database that is assigned to the Category of “Labor” or to a Category that has been assigned the Type “Labor”

Projected Work – this field displays the labor hours that are assigned to products

Issue: you add products to a Task and the Projected Work column is showing a zero value for some or all of the products

Cause: these products are either not assigned hours in the database (unlikely) or these products are from a package where you have the “Ignore labor calculations…” option checked.  This option zero’s out the hours for the products and only uses labor hours from Labor Products within the package.

Solution: add the Labor Products from the package(s) to the Labor tab within the Task

Further Issue: your Labor Product(s) in the Task also show a zero value for Project Work

Cause: your Labor Product is set to calculate a Fixed value rather than a Variable value.  The “Fixed” option does not have anything to do with hours

Solution: change your Labor Product setting to “Variable” so that Labor Hours are accounted for

-Seth Enos

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