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Wire Connections



This page describes the Wire Connections report. This report is dependent on wire connections in Visio and AutoCAD.



This report has the following default Report Definitions:




These Report Definitions have Sorting set to Component ID (Ascending):



Layout and Fields


This example was run "By Wire Number":




Displayed at the top of report is your company name and phone number, Project information, report name, Modified, and Revision fields.



The fields that display for each grouping are as follows: OK (check box), From Device (Manufacturer-Model and Component ID), From Connection (Output Terminal-Label) , Wire (Manufacturer-Model), Wire (Component ID).

Page Footer


page footer.jpg


The footer lists your company name and the page number.

Wire Connections


This report relies on wire connections in Visio and/or AutoCAD and is intended to report off of Schematic drawings.


schematic example.jpg


connection example.jpg

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