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Proposals Sorted by Priority





By default, the Proposal reports in SIX sort alphabetically by Manufacturer. If you want Items to display in a particular order, you will need to use the customized Proposals attached to this page or create your own report, details of customization are in the video.


These reports were set up to use Custom Field 1 to indicate the priority of sorting Items and it is set to sort ascending. You can use numbers or letters to choose your sort order.


The screen shot below shows the default alphabetical sort order:





  1. Download and import the attached file. It contains six Proposal reports based off of the stock Proposals that ship with SIX. These custom reports have the words "(By Priority)" after them.




  1. Within your Project, assign the Products a number or letter in Custom Field 1. In this example, I used letters to determine the sort order. Of course this can also be done in your Catalog rather than having to do this on a per project basis. Please make sure to enter a letter on every line item otherwise the items with no letters assigned to them will be placed above the sorted items. You may use "Z" (without the quotes) for the items that do not need to be sorted. If you run out of letters, please use a sequence similar to AA, AB, ... AZ, BA, BB, ... 


custom field 1 populated.jpg


  1. When you run any of the "By Priority" reports, the Items in the report will now be sorted in the order you have chosen:



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