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Check List Reports



This page describes the Check List reports that are available in SIX: Check List, Check List (Bulk Wire not Ordered), Check List (With Order Status).



These reports have the following default Report Definitions:


checklist definitions.jpg


These Report Definitions have the following Parameters, the default being not to show OFE or Labor Items in the report:



For the Check List report, the default sorting is by Component ID (Ascending):


sort order.jpg


For the Check List (With Order Status) report, the default sorting is by Location then by Component ID (both Ascending):


sort order with status.jpg

Layout and Fields


This example was run "By Location":


In all three Check List reports, the Client information, report name, Modified, and Revision fields only display on the first page.


check list body.jpg


Subsequent pages just list your company name and phone number in the page header:


check list 2nd page.jpg



The fields that display for each item on each report are as follows.


Check List


check list body.jpg


OK (check box), Location, System, Manufacturer-Model, Component ID, Category, Subcategory, Comments (line).


Check List (Bulk Wire not Ordered)


check list bulk wire body.jpg


OK (check box), Manufacturer-Model, Part Number, Order Status, Wire Length, Comments (line).


This report requires that you set your Bulk Wire to "Not Ordered". See Order and Install fields.


Check List (With Order Status)


check list order status body.jpg


OK (check box), Manufacturer-Model, Component ID, Order Status, Wire Length, Comments (line).


This report requires the use of Order and Install fields

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