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Import/Export Reports



This is one way to share customized "standard" SIX Reports. It can also be used to import SI5 custom Reports into SIX. This is also an excellent way to back up your customized SIX Reports - email them to yourself.


The primary way to share SIX Reports is via the "Publish and Export to Server" feature in the Standard Report Designer.





There are two functions of the Export feature: File and Server



The Export->File feature allows you to create an archive file for your customized SIX Reports. Choose the reports you want to export, click the [...] button to choose a location and name for your archive file:




This file has an extension of ".dtr". Other users can use the Import feature in SIX to make the reports live on their machine (assuming you haven't already exported the report to the SIX Server), or you can use this to re-import your custom Reports in the event of catastrophic circumstances where you've lost your Reports.



The Export->Server feature will allow you to export a custom report to the SIX Server to share with all other SIX Users. You will need to do this for any Excel Reports that you create. You can also use this for any reports you did not export to server in the Standard Report Designer. You must export custom Reports if you want them to be a part of your backup.  Select the Reports and click [Export]:


export to server.jpg





There are two functions of the Import feature: File and Server



The Import->File feature allows you to import SIX Reports or SI5.5 Reports. If importing SIX Reports, browse to the .dtr file that you want to import and click [Open]:


import dtr.jpg


When importing SI5.5 Reports, use the dropdown to select "SI5.x report archive files (*.zip)":




There are some Known Issues with importing SI5 Reports, please see here and here.


Customized SI5 Sales Order (SOs do not exist in SIX), Task, Work Order, and Service Order reports can not be imported into SIX, they will need to be recreated in SIX.



The Import->Server feature is used when you want to download custom Reports the have been exported to the SIX Server or update your custom Reports to the latest version from the SIX Server. Choose the Reports you want to import and click [Import]:



Order Reports


Customized reports for Tasks, Work Orders, and Service Orders do not have an "export to server" feature. They must be exported/imported via the Order Report Designer:





Here you will select the Reports you want to export to file and click the [...] button to choose a location and file name for your archive. This will have a file extension of ".zip". You must do this to share the customized Report with other Users.





Pretty straightforward. Browse to where the .zip file is that you want to import and click [Open]. This will make the Order Reports available for use on your machine. Each User must import these reports in their SIX Client.

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