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Running Reports



This explains running reports in SIX.



You can run the SIX "standard" Reports from the Reports tab from both the Project Explorer and the Project Editor.





Report Categories


There three default Report Groups in SIX: Client, Installation, Management. Clicking on any of these buttons will display the Reports assigned to that Category:




If you created your own Report Categories, say for custom Reports, you will find them under the Other button in the ribbon:




See here for details on Report Categories.

Report Definitions


If you double-click the Report name, or highlight the Report name and click the [Run] button, the default Report Definition for that Report will run. You can also select a particular Definition to run by double-clicking it or selecting and clicking the [Run] button. You can change the Parameters on a Report Definition prior to running it via right-click:




See here for information on Report Definitions.

Run With Filters


If you choose to "Run with Filters" a form will open allowing you to set a filter for the Report. In the example below, I want the Pick List Report that only displays Items assigned to the "Rough-In" or "Trim" Phase:



Report Viewer


Reports will generate and display in a separate window named the Report Viewer:


report viewer.jpg


There are controls along the top for printing, viewing and exporting your Report(s):

...... Show/hide table of contents and thumbnail view

     Print the report to a printer

..... Copy the current page onto the clipboard

...... Find text within the document

   Single page / multi-page / continuous scroll view

Zoom out / Zoom in / Set zoom

. Go to Next Page / Previous Page

      Page Number/Total Pages

     View previously viewed pages

...... Add annotation to report

...... Export to Adobe pdf format file, .pdf

...... Export to rich text format file, .rtf

...... Export to html format, .html

..... Export to plain text format, .txt

..... Export to Excel, .xls

..... Excel Report Settings – this launches a window for you to configure how your Excel settings:




File:SIX_Guide/008_Reports/003_Running_Reports/export_to_outlook.jpg...E-Mail Report - this will open an Outlook email with the Report attached as a .pdf

Sync Down Thumbnails


This option will be rarely used. It is intended for you to sync any Item Image changes that have taken place in the SIX Catalog since you last opened the SIX Client. Item Images will automatically sync with the SIX Catalog when you open the SIX Client.



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