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Completing a Service Order



This explains how to complete a Service Order in SIX.



You can edit a Service Order at any time for any number of reasons. One primary reason is to "close" the Task or "mark it as complete" once the work has been done.


Open the Service Order for edit by double-clicking it or selecting it and clicking the [Edit] button in the ribbon:




At this point you may want to add Products and Labor Items to account for the time and materials used on the Service Order. Often times Service Orders will not have an Items added to them until after the work is done.



Adding a Product to the Service Order will not charge labor on the Product as it would inside of a Project. Prior to adding a Product, you can select which Price Type you want to use for Products added to the Service Order via the General tab:




The price of the Product will be added to the Service Order but you can check the Warranty box if you don't want to charge anything for the Product(s). Verify your taxes:



Labor Items


Labor Items are the only way that labor is charged on a Service Order.


labor items.jpg

Actual Hours


Although your Labor Items added at this point should account for all the labor, you can still go back and fill in the Actual Hours for your Resources on the Service Order:


actual hours.jpg

When you've edited the Service Order as needed, you can mark it as "Completed" on the General tab:




Products and Labor Items can be transferred directly from a Sales Order to a QuickBooks Estimate.



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