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Creating a Service Order



This explains how to create a Service Order in SIX.





  1. In the Service Order Explorer, click the [New] button on the ribbon:




  1. The New Service Order form will open, fill in any relevant fields on the General tab:


general tab.jpg


A Service Order does not need to be assigned to a Project but if you do select a Project then the "Project Repair Items" tab becomes active.




  1. You can make any modifications to the Site and Notes tabs if desired.




  1. Click the Resources tab and then click the [Assign] button to add Resources to the Service Order:




assigned resources.jpg


Each Resource gets assigned 1 hour by default. You can change this now or wait until you view the Analysis, see below.


  1. Add and Labor Items, Products, or Project Repair Items (when a Project is designated for the Service Order) via the buttons on the ribbon:




In this example, only a Project Repair Item has been added.




See the Remarks section below.


  1. Save and Close the Service Order or you can run Reports via the [Reports] button:




See Service Order Reports.


You can also choose to email Reports via Outlook using the Send To button directly to your installers:




A form will open for you to select the reports you want attached as .pdf files to the email:





At the time a Service Order is created, you may not be adding any Products or Labor Items from your Catalog to the Service Order. You may send the Resource out to do the work and then bill the Client for actual time and materials.


Products and Project Repair Items to not charge for labor on a Service Order. Only Labor Items apply labor to a Service Order. You may likely be creating specific Labor Items for each Service Order to account for how much you want to charge your Client.


Product and Labor Items added to a Sales Order do not get updated to the Project when a Project is designated to a Sales Order.

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