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DTL Recovery Tool

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DTL Recovery Tool

Do Not Send To Clients - Internal Use Only

This utility can be used to recover .dtl projects from various corruption errors.  The catch is, the .mdb shadow database file must still exist in the project folder as this tool replaces the data in the corrupted .dtl file w/ the data from the .mdb file.

1. Create a temp folder on your machine.

2. Ask the client for both files and put them both in the folder.

3. Attached to this post is a zip file containing four file.  Unzip to any folder.  Run the DtlRecover.exe to activate the utility.

4. Replace the client's corrupt .dtl with the fixed one and then delete the .mdb file from their project folder.

This utility actually updates the .dtl file so that is why having them send us the files assures there is a backup in case something goes wrong(er)...haha.


This utility is specifically for our SP2 build and must be updated for each subsequent release.  Naresh is the POC for an update.

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