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Escalating Cases

Support Procedure for Escalating Cases


Level 1 Support

1.       Verify their OS and software version
2.       Search Wiki for the issue
3.       Search Zoho for the issue
4.       Contact a level 2 person via IM to see if they are available. If they are, provide them with the exact  error message or problem
5.       When level 2 asks you to ask the customer something you should do it as quickly as possible as it will likely be very critical to resolving the issue quickly
6.       Do not expect a level 2 person to be able to join the chat or connect to the client remotely every time as they have their own cases they are working at the same time as they are helping you
7.       Be sure that BEFORE closing a case you add the chat transcript and a brief description of the solution in the comments section
8.       If you need to escalate a case please be sure to add the chat transcript and any notes before escalating and assigning to someone (at this point only escalate to Laura Eslinger unless you have been instructed by someone specifically to assign it to the them)
9.       Send an email to support@d-tools.com so the team is notified that an escalated case has been added to the queue

Level 2 Support

1.       The idea is to provide the best help to the Level 1 guys so they can be more self-sufficient
2.       Try your best to allow them to resolve the situation by giving them things to ask and places to look (Wiki articles and Zoho cases)
3.       Do not create a case for the same issue in your name just because you assisted a Level 1 tech.
4.       If your assistance in the case with Level 1 tech does not resolve the case, ask them to escalate the case and assign it to you and you can close it once you resolve the issue
5.       If you cannot solve any case after conferring with other team members, clone the case, set the case subject to ESCALATED: CASE original case number (ie. ESCALATED: CASE 12345) and assign to Level 3 (currently Seth Enos), make a note in the comments that you have created an escalated case and note the new case number and close the case. This way when someone searches for the same situation they find that case and know it was not closed without a solution… they just need to follow it to the next step which is the escalated case
6.       Send an email to Level 3 (currently Seth Enos) so he knows a case has been escalated

Level 3 Support

1.       Cases escalated to Level 3 are cases that Level 2 could not solve, cases that appear to be new bugs that need investigating, and cases where the client asks to be escalated to next level
2.       Attempt to solve the issue, write up in VSTS if required
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