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From the Project Explorer you can lock/unlock Projects or Project Reports:


project explorer.jpg


This can also be done from within the Project Editor:


project editor.jpg


When a project is locked it can not be edited and when a project's reports are locked no reports can be generated for the project.


Locking can be done manually but the primary functionality is to lock based on Workflow Rules.


When a project or its reports are locked you will see the lock icon next to the project in the Project Explorer:


locked icon.jpg


A user must have permission to lock/unlock projects or project reports.

Unlocking Project and Reports


workflow rules.jpg


When you unlock a Project or unlock the reports for a Project, the following prompt will display if there are any Workflow Rules that exist that lock Projects or Reports:

Project Editor


You can also lock and unlock Project and Reports from within the Project Editor. Click here for details.

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