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Change Orders



Change Orders allow you to make changes to a Project after the Project has been approved and they are managed via the Change Orders tab at the bottom of the Project Explorer:


change order section.jpg

Mark Project as Approved


Change Order functionality does not become active until you approve a Project. To approve a Project, make sure the Project is checked-out to you and then click the [Mark Project as Approved] button in the ribbon of the Project Explorer:


mark as approved.jpg


Note: There are User Group Permission Settings to determine which user's can mark Projects as approved/unapproved.


This will bring up the following interface:


approve project dialog.jpg


The Status of the Project will default to the first Status in your list that has its State set to "Won".


When a Project is marked as approved, the following things happen:


All items are marked as approved and price fields are locked

The Unit Price, Margin, Markup, Phase, and Labor Hours fields will not be editable.


All Optional and Alternate Items are removed from the Project


A Revision will be created

In addition to a Revision being created, the ability to manually create Revisions will be disabled.


A checkmark will display in the "Approved" column in the Project Explorer:


approved checkmark.jpg


No Change Orders are automatically created. You will be prompted to create a Change Order when you attempt to delete or add items in an approved Project. Click here for details.

Mark Project as Unapproved


If you change your mind, you can mark a Project as unapproved via the following button:


mark as unapproved.jpg


When you mark a Project as unapproved, all Revisions and Change Orders will be deleted.


unapproved dialog.jpg


Note: There are User Group Permission Settings to determine which user's can mark Projects as approved/unapproved.

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