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This feature will export the list of all Projects displaying in the Project Explorer, or you can export a .zip file of the Project if needed.


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Project List


The Project List options allow your list of projects from the Project Explorer for all projects or just the selected projects. The "Current Layout" option will export whatever columns are currently displaying in the Project Explorer. If you choose to Export->Project List you will have the option to choose which columns you wish to export:


export fields.jpg

Send To


send to.jpg


This feature will allow you to zip and/or email (via Outlook) a Project. This feature could be used to send a Project to another SI user outside of your organization or to D-Tools Support. You can also export a project file in XML or JSON format.


When you choose to Zip or send to Outlook you will be prompted whether to add any of the additional project files to the zip file:


zip project files.jpg


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