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The Lock feature allows you to lock Items from being edited within a Project, lock the entire project from being edited, and/or lock reports from being generated. The latter two can be manually set here or they can be triggered by Workflow Rules. Each feature has an unlock option. 


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You must have permissions to lock/unlock Items, Projects, or Project Reports. 

Lock Project


This will lock a Project for all edits, i.e. the Project is read-only. This can be set manually here or a lock can be triggered via Workflow Rules. You'll be prompted to confirm:


project prompt.jpg


Locked Projects display with the following icon in the Project Explorer:


locked project.jpg


This allows you to ignore these Workflow Rules for this Project moving forward.

Lock Project Reports


This will lock Project Reports and users will not be able to generate reports for the Project.This can be set manually here or a lock can be triggered via Workflow Rules.You'll be prompted to confirm:


lock reports prompt.jpg


Projects with locked Reports display with the following icon in the Project Explorer:


locked report.jpg

Unlocking Project and Reports


When you unlock a Project or unlock the reports for a Project, the following prompt will display if there are any Workflow Rules that exist that lock Projects or Reports:


workflow rules.jpg

Lock Project Items


You may wish to lock certain items within a Project to prevent them from being edited, e.g. installed items. Select the Products you wish to lock. Click Yes on the following prompt:


lock confirm.png


A lock icon will appear in a column within the Project Editor indicating that the items are locked:


locked item.jpg

Project Setting


There is a Project Setting that will atomatically lock items when they are marked as "Installed":

 report setting.png


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