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Model Numbers

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Some guidelines/rules regarding model numbers

  1. Model numbers must be unique - there cannot be two products with the same model number
  2. Configurators not supported - products with multiple configurations require a unique model number for each configuration. See below for details
  3. If product is sold with a unique SKU, it should be published separately

Multiple Configurations

At this time, it is not possible to specify a single model that is available in a number of different configurations. There are a couple of ways to work around this:

  • Include each unique configuration as its own model number. For example 199-GF for a "Gold Finish" wall plate. Each configuration will appear as a separate product, and data will be duplicated. This works well when there are a only few number of configurations per product
  • Publish as a single model, and include configuration options in descriptions. For example, you could publish one product, 199, and indicate that it was available in Gold Finish (GF) or Matte White (MW) using the description. Dealers will specify which configuration they need when ordering
  • Use asterisks to indicate configurations. For example, SCR-101-* indicates that the SCR-101 series is available in a number of different configurations. Dealers will specify which exact configuration they need using System Integrator, by copying and changing the model number. This method is useful when there are many possible configurations (e.g. screens, wires)
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