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Supported Data Fields

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D-Tools collects the following data fields for Manufactuer Partners. The only mandatory fields are Model and Description. URL is also extremely helpful if you would like D-Tools to add data from your site for you.

  1. Manufacturerrequired. Assumed to be the MVP name unless otherwise specified
  2. Model required. must be unique*
  3. SKU - optional
  4. Industry – Residential AV, Pro AV, Security, Fire & Life Safety, Broadcast, Medical, Telecommunications, IT. Multiple selections are allowed, separate with semicolon (Residential AV; Pro AV)
  5. Descriptionrequired. brief description. 256 char maximum, no line breaks
  6. Long Description – paragraph format (line breaks allowed)
  7. Features – list of features (separated by line breaks)
  8. URL – hyperlink to the product information page. Very useful if available
  9. MSRP - public price for product 
  10. Discontinued – TRUE/FALSE – to discontinue an item, mark discontinued “TRUE”
  11. Category and Subcategory – all products are published using D-Tools category and subcategory (link), which is typically assigned by D-Tools. Manufacturers can also add internal source category, subcategory, type, and subtype. These are stored, but not used at this time – in other words you can include up to 4 levels of internal categories
  12. Phase – installation phase. Options are Rough-In, Trim, Programming and Finish
  13. Install Hours – how long the product takes to install (on average)
  14. Thumbnail image – URL containing thumbnail image
  15. Front and Rear images – URL for high-res images of front or back panel
  16. Documents – URL for brochures, manuals, other documentation
  17. Height, Width, Depth – assumed to be in US units (inches) unless otherwise specified
  18. Weight – assumed to be in US units (pounds) unless otherwise specified
  19. RackMounted - TRUE/FALSE - indicates that the product is typically mounted in a rack
  20. Voltage - source voltage. Use 110 VAC, 240 VAC, 5 VDC, 12 VDC, etc. This is a text field
  21. Inputs and Outputs – added by special request only. Contact us at data@d-tools.com if you wish to include I/O’s for your products

*Important comment regarding models: At this time, D-Tools requires unique model numbers. Occasionally, this requires us to publish products using SKU or Part Number as the model number, or to create new model numbers by appending characters to indicate options like color or wire length. If your database has a large number of duplicate model numbers, we will work together to create a unique numbering system

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