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The first step after installation is to set up your default settings in SI 2015. This video will cover the basic setup of the software focusing on the necessary fields to start using SI 2015. There are many more settings not covered in this video, some of which will be covered in other videos in this guide.

Company Information


Set up your company address and load a digital copy of your logo. Your company information and logo display on many reports throughout SI 2015.





Define your Users and their Roles. You will want to decide who in your company will have login access to SI 2015, those who will have login access to Mobile Install. An example is shown below:


Name Title Roles Can log in to SI 2015 Can log in to Mobile Install

Philip Chevron

Owner/President Sales Yes


Lita Ford Office Manager Project Management, Scheduling Yes No
Ronnie James Dio Bookkeeper Accounting: Invoicing, Ordering, etc. Yes


Mace Windu Estimator/Engineer Estimating, Designer Yes No
Joey Ramone Lead Technician Install, Service Yes Yes
Shane MacGowan Technician Install, Service No Yes
D.H. Peligro Technician Install, Service No Yes





Decide how you want to charge for labor. There are two ways labor can be calculated in SI 2015: per Product based on a Phase assignment and with Labor Items. At a minimum, determine what your cost and selling price is per hour of labor for the four default Phases in SI 2015: Rough-In, Trim, Finish, and Programming.




Creation of Labor Items is demonstrated in another video in this series.



Gather a list of your current taxes or tax groups that you use. Example below:


Georgia: 6% Sales Tax and 6% Labor Tax.

California: 9% Sales Tax and no Labor Tax.

Atlantis: combined tax on both Products and Labor of 14%, broken down by 8% GST and 7% PST.



Contract Payments


Decide what your default payment schedule will be, i.e. - how your client/customer can be expected to be billed for the job. This setting can be changed per Project when needed.




You will want to customize the wording on the Contract report to reflect your own legal statements. Click here for details.

Wire Settings


Set a default wire length for Bulk wire, i.e. wire that comes off of a spool.




Topics Covered


The following links provide additional information on the topics covered in these videos:


Company Information




Contract Payments

Wire Settings


For full details on all settings in the Control Panel, click here.




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