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Creating Projects



After setting up SI 2015 with your preferred settings and adding Items to your SI 2015 Catalog you are ready to create a Project. A Project is the primary entity in SI 2015. It is your bill of materials for your Proposals.


We suggest re-creating a Project/Job that you have completed using whatever method you were using prior to SI 2015. See how close the numbers match. This is especially important if you are using the labor per item method for charging labor (Phase x Hours) and this was not your previous approach for estimating labor.

New Project Wizard


Adding Items to a Project



Running Reports





You have now completed Implementation Guide I and should now be able to begin creating Projects in SI 2015. There are a lot more features/functions/awesomeness in SI 2015 that we encourage you to explore: Drawings in Visio and/or AutoCAD, QuickBooks integration, Scheduling of Tasks and Service Orders, Change Orders, etc.Please take a look at our complete User Guide for information on these features. If you wish to continue to Implementation Guide II to learn how to create drawings, click the arrow button at the bottom of the page.


If training was included with your SI 2015 purchase, please contact us at training@d-tools.com to schedule your first session when you feel you are ready.

Topics Covered


The following links provide additional information on the topics covered in these videos:


New Project Wizard

Adding Items to a Project

Running Reports




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