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Company Information

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Company Information allows you to enter your information as well as your company logo.


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What are the benefits of this setting?


Your company information and logo will display on SI 2015 reports. The address will also display on the stock Visio files and AutoCAD frames in paper space. These Templates will need additional modification to display your company logo. Click here to see how to set your company logo in Visio.

When to use this setting?








You can drag and drop your company logo image file into the window.  You can upload also add your company logo from a saved file using the "Add" link to browse for your file or the "Paste" link to paste from your clipboard. The "Clear" link will clear the current logo.





There are two options on this form: "Share with all users" and "Use only on this windows account"


The default is "Share with all users". This will copy this information to your SI 2015 Server to be used by all other users. If you want specific company information on your machine, use the "Use only on this windows account" option.


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