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Build 6.4.1372.0 Release Notes

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This R1 build of SI 2015 was released April 6th, 2015.

Fixes and Features



  • 10107 - Crash error occurs in manage users dialog while clicking new user or edit user with windows classic themes
  • 10115 - Crash error when opening Visio drawing with SI4 schematic shapes
  • 10149 - Crash error occurs when we mass update the category field from import editor
  • 10120 - Assign Location and Systems form closing when scrolling
  • 10113 - Error restoring server backup if a file is in use
  • 10105 - Unicode characters in the project file name are missing after performing a server backup and restore
  • 10109 - Incorrect Component ID generated when Comp ID format prefix ends with Comp ID separator
  • 10111 - Crash error occurs in manage project systems by clicking move up button after creating a new system
  • 10127 - Crash error occurs when exporting the report to pdf with project name is having “/” in the Windows XP OS
  • 10122 - Update the Line Item Detail With Margin Management Report to reflect Labor Items pricing
  • 10103 - Check Min and Max Dates for all date time pickers
  • 10119 - Allow Serial Numbers to be part of filtered fields in reports
  • 10108 - Client Install is not completed when there is no SIDrawingAddInsManager.exe during uninstall of an existing version.
  • 10117 - Labor Adjustment set in project defaults not populating for new Projects
  • 10128 - Add product dialog is showing twice when we copy and paste the product from catalog to Visio drawing (plan view or schematic view).
  • 10147 - Crash error occurs when attempted to drag a group item from Mobile Explorer into project editor
  • 10155 - Update from D-Tools Library function has column named "SIX"
  • 10152 - Crash error occurs when exporting and saving the report as pdf in project folder when client and project name are too long.
  • 10150 - In import editor when doing mass update the " New " & "Manage Terminals" link is not working for Preferred vendor amd Start/ End Terminals
  • 10153 - Order Reports not respecting changes to orientation
  • 10161 - Crash error occurs when selecting a category by clicking download now button in d-tools data library updates section
  • 10164 - Double wire prompt for bulk wire length in packages
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