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Build 6.5.1624.0 Release Notes

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The primary purpose of this release was bug fixes, no features were added



  • 10404 - Partial check in of projects can cause loss of project data
  • 10406 - Visio schematic shapes sync very slowly
  • 10359 - Paste special does not respect setting in dialog if project setting for paste special is alternate or clone.
  • 10340 - Package name is not showing in reports for filtered items when group by package option is unchecked in project editor.
  • 10337 - Crash error when click the view package installation price button after removing an accessory from a parent item in a package within a project.
  • 10358 - Serial Numbers entered in Projects must sync to Task Items
  • 10332 - In mobile quote catalog package price does not respect the Include Accessories setting
  • 10361 - Client names can appear twice in client dropdown
  • 10326 - Issue when using Polish “ą” letter
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