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SI 2015 Release Notes



This page lists the feature set for SI 2015.

Mobile Install


  • Publish tasks and service orders to a web portal powered by the D-Tools Cloud that can be accessed by field installers on any web enabled device.
  • Field installers can track install time, completion status, take photos, add site items to service orders, update item install status and serial number for tasks on the web portal.
  • Update tasks and service orders in SI 2015 from changes made in Mobile Install.
  • Send project documents and reports to field installers.



  • Tasks Explorer –new view of all project tasks.
  • Full read/write calendar.
  • Send tasks and service orders to Google and Hotmail calendars.
  • Improved resource management – view resource hours, resource conflicts, view schedules by client, project and date range.
  • Costs and Billing address added to Service orders and sent to QuickBooks estimates.
  • Tasks and Service Orders have custom layouts   



  • Alternate products can be defined for catalog products
  • Price rules improvements – Margin and Markup added to price rules
  • Select fields to search on for Products and Labor
  • Improved mass update for accessories “Prompt” and “Recommend”
  • Review and rate products



  • Track project history of check ins and check outs
  • Add category to project files
  • Add 4 custom fields to projects (total 14)
  • Clone Project revisions as a new project
  • Clone project files (drawings)
  • Send selected project files to a zip or MS-Outlook
  • Include additional fields in project search
  • Display project tasks and service orders for selected project in project explorer

Project Editor


  • Improve Component ID management – Define separator, number of digits and start number
  • Contract payments can be fixed amounts or percentage
  • Export wire connections for label creation in mail merge software
  • Default Price Rule – a project can define a default price rule when adding products
  • Mass Update Install fields
  • Replace products allows you to maintain wire length, head end and labor hours
  • Display total installation price of selected products in Project Editor
  • Update from catalog to indicate unapproved and discontinued items



  • AutoCAD 2015 supported
  • Improved Visio stencils and AutoCAD blocks
  • Blank ports to separate port groups in Visio schematic shapes
  • Visio shapes can add a smart callout shape to display any project item field
  • Visio location and system shapes are containers and can move child shapes
  • Improved Visio templates with specific title block sizes for each page size
  • Project setting to display company logo in title block in Visio
  • Project setting to paste shapes as new or clone or alternate
  • Allow multiple shapes and blocks to be selected for ‘Insert Alternate’ or ‘Change Shape’ functions
  • Shapes and blocks can be linked to a new or existing product
  • Project Editor has a filter for connected and disconnected wire
  • Change shape from one wire to another maintains wire connections in Visio



  • Report setting to display alternate item prices in aggregate
  • Report setting to display optional items in project subtotals on proposal reports
  • Sync server reports and stencils/blocks on SI startup with a setting
  • Allow Group Report Settings to be set on a per Report Group basis
  • Report parameter on Install Price Proposal reports to show labor for each group (location/system)
  • Report parameter to "Hide Manufacturer" to Proposal reports
  • Add permission for Run/View Client reports
  • Standard Report Designers to run in their own EXE
  • Allow deletion of multiple server reports
  • When exporting a report to PDF, Excel, RTF, etc., fill in the name of the file with name of project and Revision
  • Add option to not print the letter abbreviations on Brother labels
  • Add Option to show "Full Location Name" in brother label
  • Update bPac SDK (Brother Label) to support Windows 8
  • Vendor Name List in Report Filter
  • Add Project Default Price Type to reporting schema

QuickBooks Integration


  • Track inventory of items from QuickBooks
  • Track Order Status of items on purchase order from QuickBooks
  • Add ability to group by Locations or Systems or Phases in QuickBooks Estimates
  • QuickBooks Settings to customize item names for adjustments
  • Add ability to transfer the Notes field for a Project and Service Order to QuickBooks
  • Create vendors when creating Items in QuickBooks

Clients and Contacts


  • Add Inactive to Clients and Contacts
  • Export clients, contacts and vendors to CSV
  • Import contacts for selected client only in projects and service orders
  • Improve search fields in clients, contacts and vendors



  • Add Inactive field to users
  • Category and subcategory have type ahead ability
  • Allow users to customize separator for CSV export
  • Display count of selected items in all explorer

Update Release Notes


Build 6.5.1624.0 Release Notes - Released 12/14/15

Build 6.5.1554.0 Release Notes - Released 10/5/15

Build 6.5.1463.0 Release Notes - Released 7/6/15

Build 6.4.1372.0 Release Notes - Released 4/6/15

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