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Export Products

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The Export feature allows you to create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file for editing your Products. You can then Import your updated Products.


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You can edit your SI 2016 Products via a spreadsheet. You can update multiple Products at one time and you can use Excel functions to accomplish the updates. Updating pricing is a common use.



When you click the [Export] button you can export all your Products or just the ones you have selected in the grid. Once clicked, you can then choose what fields you want to export:


export products to csf file form.png


You will then be prompted to save the file:


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The file will then open automatically in Excel:


excel file.png


Once done editing the file, you can use the Import function.



Deleting products/rows from the spreadsheet will NOT delete those products when you import the file into SI 2016. If you add products/rows manually, they will be imported into SI 2016, however, this function is intended for editing existing products.

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