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Mass Update

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Mass Update allows you to change fields on multiple Products/Labor Items/Packages at once. This can be done in your Catalog as well as within a Project.


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What are the benefits of this feature?


You can update fields for multiple Products/Labor Items/Packages at a time.

When to use this feature?


When you want to change the same field(s) for multiple Products/Labor Items/Packages.



When you click the [Mass Update] button you can edit all your Products/Labor Items/Packages or just the ones you have selected in the grid. Once clicked, you will then select the field you wish to update. This example is showing the Mass Update for Products. Labor Items and Packages have different fields.




Once you select the field and click [Next >], you will then set the value for the field and click [Save]:


mass update subcategory example.png


The Mass Update Products/Labor interface will stay open to allow you to continue changing fields for the selected Products/Labor Items/Packages.

Right-Click Options


When you select multiple Products/Labor Items in the Project Explorer or in the Project Editor interfaces, you can right-click anywhere on the selected Products/Labor Items and you will see up to two options relating to Mass Update:


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You have the Mass Update feature as described above, but you may have an additional option depending on the column in the grid you right-clicked, and that is the Mass Update 'FIELD' feature. In the shot above, I right-clicked in the Labor Hours column. If you choose this option, you skip the step of picking the field you want to update and go right to entering the value:


update labor hours example.png

Within a Project


When you choose to do a Mass Update for Item within a Project, the Mass Update applies to whatever Items you have selected in the Project Grid and you must just choose whether you are updating Products, Labor, or Packages (these Items all have different fields available so must be done separately):


mass update on ribbon in project.png


On the Mass Update form there is an option to "Update Similar Items". This will apply the update to every instance within the Project of the Product/Labor/Package. See Similar Items for details.


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