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Coverage Shapes

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There are two shapes in the General Floor Plan stencil that have additional features and they are the Camera W/Coverage, Dome Camera W/Coverage and Motion Detector W/Coverage:


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These shapes are intended to simulate the actual coverage of a device.

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Additional Shape Data Fields


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If you don't want to show coverage for these shapes you can right-click and uncheck the option:


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Coverage Style

Sometimes transparency doesn’t print well, especially when exported to PDF.  By using the coverage style options None, Fill Only, Line Only and Line and Fill you can customize the output to best suit your needs.


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Coverage Sweep Angle

You can change the sweep angle in 10 degree increments all the way up to 360 degrees.


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Coverage Color

You can customize the color of the coverage beam with the following colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow and White.




When you are showing coverage, there is a control handle that allows you to reposition the coverage as you see fit:


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