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Visio Shapes

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There are four main styles of Visio shapes in SI 2018: Line, Elevation, Plan, and Schematic. Shapes exist inside of Visio stencils (.vss files). In our Visio interface, a list of the Stencils you have downloaded display in the D-Tools SI 2018 window on the Shapes tab: 


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The first time that you open a Visio Project file, you will get this prompt to download the D-Tools SI 2016 Stencils:


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If you choose [No], you will be prompted to this each time you open a Visio Project file.


When stencils are updated you will see a link to download the updates:



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You can click the Download option under Manage Stencils to download specific Manufacturer Stencils. When chosen, the following form will open where you can choose which ones you want to download:


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Shape Data UI


SI 2016 shapes take advantage of the Shape Data interface within Visio so we recommend that you choose to display this. Click the View tab and then click the drop down arrow in the Task Panes section and select "Shape Data":


shape data.png


This will display on the right-side of your Visio page and will display all of the available options/settings for the shape(s) selected. You can select multiple similar shapes, e.g. all speaker shapes on a Plan page, and make changes to them all at one time via this interface. 


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