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Purchase Order Request Reports

This page describes the Purchase Order reports that are available in SI: Purchase Order Request, Purchase Order Request (Page Wise), Purchase Order Request (With Order Status).


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These reports are completely independent from the Purchase Order functionality in SI and also independent from the QuickBooks Purchase Order functionality. These are just stand-alone reports that you can run. 


These Report Definitions have the following Parameters, the default being not to show OFE or Labor Items in the report:  You can also choose how you would like Bundled Cable to display and whether to include items that have marked as Installed and Allowance items, as well as some other options.



Layout and Fields


This example was run "By Vendor By Manufacturer":


In all three Purchase Order reports, the Client information, report name, Modified, and Revision fields only display on the first page.




Subsequent pages just list the report name.



The fields that display for each item on each report are as follows.


Purchase Order Request




Grouping (Variable), Model, Short Description, Part Number, Quantity, Cost, and Total Cost.


Purchase Order Request (Page Wise)


This report is identical to the Purchase Order Request report except that each primary grouping prints on its own page.


Purchase Order Request (With Order Status)


purchase order with order status.jpg


Grouping (Variable), Model, Short Description, Part Number, Order Status, Quantity, Cost, and Total Cost.


This report requires the use of Order and Install fields.

Page Footer


page footer.jpg


The footer lists the page number.

Use Tax


If you apply Use Tax to some/all Products and you want to display the Use Tax on these reports you will need to set the following option when editing the Report Definition.


display use tax.jpg

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