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Report Definitions

Report Definitions allow you to run a single report multiple different ways without the need to create a custom report. Each definition defines the grouping as well as parameters. Definitions are generally named by the grouping for the Definition, e.g. "By Location By System".



You can manage your Report Definitions from the Report Explorer:




definitions button.jpg


You can also add/edit/delete Report Definitions by right-clicking:


right click.jpg

New Definition


The Report Definition form has two main sections, Grouping and Parameters. Some reports will also have a Sorting tab/option. In the example below I named the definition "By System By Category" and then chose those groupings from the drop down options:




The Parameters tab has a variety of built-in options for how you would like the report to generate. Each stock report in SI has their own set of Parameters.




On the Report Definition form, you can choose between two options, "Default Report Criteria" and "Update Parameters to All Report Definitions":




Default Report Criteria - only one Definition can have this box checked. This is the Definition that will generate if you choose to run the Report vs. running a specific Definition.

Update Parameters to All Report Definitions - This will take any changes that you've made to a selected Definition and apply them to all of the Definitions for that Report. Time saver.

Example Parameters


In this example, we will analyze the Parameters for the report Definitions for the "Proposal with Images" Report:


proposal parameters.jpg


Show labor by phase in the summary? - Default is unchecked. If charging for labor on a per Item basis using Phases (see Labor Considerations) then rather than have one line item in the Project Summary section of the Proposal, each Phase will display as well as a combination of all Phase's "Management" and "Design" labor on separate lines:


labor by phase in project summary.jpg


Show Page Headers and Footers in report? -  Default is checked. Unchecking will remove the page headers and footers on the report.

Show Labor Items in report? -  Default is unchecked. If you choose to display Labor Items in the body of the report, no price will display for the Labor Items.

Show Labor Hours for Labor Items in report? - This will replace the quantity of the Labor Items with the Labor Hours assigned to the Labor Item. You must choose to "Show labor items in reports?" option above for this report in order for those to display.

Summarize Packages? - Default is "Item". Other options are "All" or "None". The "Item" option respects each Package's setting for whether or not to summarize:


package setting.jpg


Summarize Accessories? - Default is "Item". Other options are "All" or "None". The "Item" option respects each "parent" Item's setting for whether or not to summarize:




Show Manufacturer? - Default is checked. When unchecked, the Manufacturer field won't display on the report.

Show Model Number? - Default is checked. When unchecked, the Model Number field won't display on the report.

Show Part Number? - Default is unchecked. When checked, the Part Number field will display on the report.

Show item prices? - Default is checked. When unchecked, the price of Items will not display on the report.

Show detail prices? -  Default is unchecked. When not summarizing Accessories and Packages on a report, the price of the Accessories and the price of the individual Items in the Package do not display. Check this box if you want their prices to display.

Show product price (do not include accessory price)? You must also check 'Show detail prices'. - Default is unchecked. By default, the price of the "parent" product displays its price plus the price of its Accessories. Check if you want the "parent" Item's price to not include the price of its Accessories. Note: You must also check the "Show detail prices" option (see above) or your project price will not include any accessory pricing.

Show quantity and price in aggregate for package items and accessories? - Default is checked. You don't want to uncheck this, trust me.

Keep together group? - Default is checked. This setting will start a new page on Proposals when all of the items in a group don't fit on the current page.

Hide Cover Page? - Default is unchecked. This allows you to not display the cover page on Proposals. This is handy when using Report Groups.

Show Discount Amount in project summary section? - Default is unchecked. This will display product discounts applied via the Price tab and Package discounts on a separate line in the Project Summary section of the Proposal.

Show dynamic group section totals? - Default is checked. This displays the subtotal for each grouping on the Proposal\


dynamic group section.png


Hide optional items? - Allows you to hide Optional Items on the Proposal.

Hide alternate items? - Allows you to hide Alternate Products on the Proposal.

Hide project summary section? - Allows you to hide the Project Summary section of the Proposal.


summary section.png


Use Theme? - Default is checked. This will use the selected Report Theme for the Report.

Show equipment and labor subtotal separately? - Default is unchecked. This will display two values instead of one if you are displaying dynamic group section subtotals (see above).


separate subtotals.png


Use labor hours in summary? - Default is unchecked. This will display the labor hours in the Project Summary section.

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