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Additional Reports


These are additional reports you can download and import into SI. Click here for instructions on importing reports. 


Note: There are different instructions on the link above for importing Task, Service Order, and Purchase Order reports vs. "Standard" reports.

Legacy SI 2016 Proposals


Note: There is no need to download these from here if you have already downloaded them from within SI via the Legacy Client Reports button.


Legacy Proposals - This set of reports has the legacy formatting from SI 2016 and will work with the legacy Report Themes in SI. The reports included are shown below.


legacy reports.jpg


You will access these reports via the Other button on the Reports tab:


other reports.jpg

Management Reports


Check List w/ Serial Number - This is the Check List report with the Serial Number field added.


checklist with serial number.png

Installation Reports


Wire Reports with Wire Length - This set of two reports are the "Wire Checklist" and "Wire Connections" reports with the Wire Length field added.




Wire Checklist with Package Names- This report displays the name of the Package next to any wires that are part of a Package.



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