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Purchase Order Reports

You can generate Purchase Order reports directly from the Purchase Order itself:


reports editor.jpg


You can also generate them in the Purchase Order Explorer interface:


reports explorer.jpg


This will open the Purchase Order Reports interface:


reports list.jpg


Note: These reports are different from the Purchase Order Request reports that listed under the Management Report Category elsewhere in SI.

Purchase Order


purchase order report.jpg


This report will list your information along the top and will list the Product information, Quantity, Price, and Total Price.

Purchase Orders (By Status)


po by status.jpg


This report is intended to be run from the Purchase Order Explorer for multiple Purchase Orders at a time. This report groups by the Status field.


You can print these reports, export to PDF, etc. You can also choose to email the reports via Outlook:


report viewer.jpg


You can also choose to send reports to Outlook without generating them in the Report Viewer directly from the Purchase Order Explorer:


send to outlook.jpg


This will open the following form where you can select which reports you wish to attach as a PDF to an email:


send to outlook form.jpg

Item Receipts


There is also an additional report that is accessible in the Item Receipts section of the Purchase Order Explorer:


item receipts reports button.jpg


This opens the following form displaying the available reports:


item receipts reports form.jpg


The Item Receipt report lists what was ordered and what has been received:


item receipts report.jpg


The Item Receipt Labels report is designed to print on Avery mailing labels, model 5263.


item labels.jpg

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