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Wire Label Reports

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Not to be confused with our Brother Wire Label Printer report.


This page describes the Wire Label reports that are available in SI 2016: Wire Labels By Head End, Wire Labels by Location, Wire Labels By Wire Number. 


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Layout and Fields


The label sheets (Model LSL78 from Impact, Inc.) that these reports were designed to be used with are sheets of 7 columns with 3 rows (21 labels/sheet). The text prints on a white part of the sticker and the rest of the sticker is clear for wrapping/protecting the text.


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The fields that display for each item on each report are as follows.


Wire Labels By Head End


by head end.jpg


Head End, From Device (Component ID), To Location, Wire (Component ID).


Wire Labels By Location


by location.jpg


Wire Location, From Device (Component ID), To Device (Component ID), and Wire (Component ID).


Wire Labels By Wire Number


by wire number.jpg


From Device (Component ID) - (*Label), To Device (Component ID) - (*Label), and Wire (Component ID).

Wire Connections



The Wire Labels By Wire Number report relies on wire connections in Visio and/or AutoCAD and is intended to report off of Schematic drawings. The Label data is coming from the Label of the I/O used on the Schematic shape/block:


schematic labels.jpg


While the other two reports (Wire Connection By Head End and Wire Connections By Location) don't display any I/O fields from schematic connections, they do require wire connections between shapes/blocks in Visio/AutoCAD. In Visio, any SI 2016 shape connected with an SI 2016 wire shape will generate data for these reports. In AutoCAD, only Schematic blocks and schematic wire blocks generate data for this report.


Click here for a customization example.

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