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Wire Checklist

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This page describes the Wire Checklist reports. These reports are dependent on wire connections in Visio and AutoCAD. The intent of these reports is to provide a "rough-in" or "pre-wire" report.



These reports have the following default Report Definitions:


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Layout and Fields


The following examples are of the "Wire Checklist" report, and it was run "By Wire Number":




Displayed at the top of report is your company name and phone number, Project information, report name, Modified, and Revision fields.



The fields that display for each grouping are as follows: OK (check box), From Device (Component ID), From Head End, To Location, To Device (Component ID), Wire Manufacturer-Model, Wire Number (Component ID), Type (Subcategory), Comments (line).

Page Footer


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The footer lists your company name and the page number.





The "Wire Checklist (Connected only)" will only display wires that are connected on at least one end of the wire while the standard "Wire Checklist" will display all wires whether they are connected or not.


The "Wire Checklist With Package Info (Connected only)" will group by Package Name and Package ID on the "From" side and will also display the Package ID in the Device column on the "To" side. This was designed specifically for when you are using wires for Package Shapes.


wire checlist with package info.png

Wire Connections


This report relies on wire connections in Visio and/or AutoCAD. In Visio, any SI 2016 shape connected with an SI 2016 wire shape will generate data for this report. In AutoCAD, only Schematic blocks and schematic wire blocks generate data for this report.


Often times, this report is used as a "pre-wire"/"rough-in" report so not all wire connections may be made. Very commonly this report is run after doing a Plan page in Visio where you might only have one end of the wire connected to a device:


plan visio example.jpg


In this case, the report knows that the wire is going to the speaker and that it is coming from the "Audio" Head End, but since the other end of the wire is not connected to anything, that is why you see "(no device)" in the From column on the report:


wire connection example.jpg


If the Head End end of the wire is connected on another page, say a Schematic page, then the From column will display the Component ID of the From device:


schematic example.jpg


from device displaying.jpg



This is a good report to use the "Drawing Pages" Options on the Reports tab with the Project Editor within the Visio interface:


report options.jpg

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