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October 16, 2018 Update

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Multi-Currency Support

  • Company can have a default currency and multiple currencies with rates for transactions
  • Option to lookup currency rates with online service
  • Clients and Vendors support a default currency
  • Multiple currencies supported in all transactions - Projects, Service Orders and Purchase Orders


Avalara Tax Integration

  • Ability to lookup tax rate in projects and service orders for US or Canada addresses
  • Avalara tax integration in Projects. Integrate with your Avalara account and lookup taxes for each item in project based on Avalara codes set for each item and project address
  • Option to automatically calculate taxes from Avalara when running report from Project Editor for users with Avalara account


Customer Portal

  • Customer Portal has option to allow customers to “Auto Sign-In” with no password (company level setting)
  • Customer Portal has options to set Reply Email and Display Name for Email



  • Move items from between pending change orders
  • Add options for Number of Digits, Start and Separator to Project Number format
  • Add Price Type as display field on Project Explorer
  • Add URL field to Export from Project Editor



  • Improve DPI awareness of application
  • Add Price Type to Client
  • Mass Update on Clients and Contact (Owner, Price Type and Currency Code fields)
  • Add "Records per page" controls to Clients and Contacts
  • Add "Export to CSV" as an export function in Report Viewer for project reports
  • Add third decimal place for Amps
  • Add "Export Current Layout" functionality to Product Explorer/Labor Explorer/Project Explorer
  • Allow user to add new items to an existing project via the API
  • Add Project Number field to Quote report
  • Add a field for Change Order Name to Report Designer
  • Add setting to not show the prompt for dragging items on pending change orders to drawings
  • Allow for four decimals on purchase orders unit cost field
  • Change the "Equipment" as "Total Installation Price" for all proposal (install price) reports when show adjustment separately is checked in report definition
  • Project History Improvement to display integration export and import
  • Use OTP to reset user password (Do not send password in clear text over email)



  • Change Order reports displays blank quantity for parent items which are not part of change order
  • Fix crash error when deleting an unpublished report in the report designer
  • Login page for QuickBooks Online may be blank (browser issue)
  • Text cutting off on Project Hours report
  • Add back “Copy From” In Manage Phases dialog
  • Approved Items Price Changing when updating from purchase order
  • Reset window positions for all persisted windows when monitors swapped
  • SI application should automatically sign out the after a session timeout
  • Multiple Session Timeout prompts when opening project



  • Remove Visual C++ dependency in installer
  • Upgrade to SQL Server Compact 4.0
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