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Trial Sample Data



The purpose of this post is to show you how to remove the sample data that is part of the SI Trial.


The Trial of SI is pre-populated with some sample Products, Labor Items, and Packages. There are also two sample projects included. During the trial or after you've purchased you have likely added the actual products you sell, and may want to remove the sample data.


Removing Catalog Data


  1. Click Start->Catalog->Manage Products. This will open the Product Explorer.


manage products.jpg


  1. Click Queries button and run the "Sample Data" query:




  1. Select all of the products and delete them.
  2. Click Start->Catalog->Manage Labor. This will open the Labor Explorer.


manage labor.jpg


  1. Delete all of the Labor Items set to Manufacturer "DTI":


sample labor.jpg


  1. Click Start->Catalog->Manage Packages. This will open the Package Explorer.


manage packages.jpg


  1. Delete all of the Packages shown below:


sample packages.jpg


Removing Sample Projects


  1. Click Start->Projects->Manage Projects. This will open the Project Explorer.


manage projects.jpg


  1. Select the two projects shown below and delete them:


delete projects.jpg


You may also want to remove the two Sample Clients and one Sample Contact via the Client Explorer and Contact Explorer:


people explorers.jpg

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