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SI v12 Release Notes




Major Features


  • Workflow Rules – Lock projects, service orders, tasks and purchase orders based on criteria.
  • Notifications – Configure Email and In-Application notifications based on criteria for projects, service orders, tasks and purchase orders.
  • Calculated products and labor items - The cost and price of product and labor can be automatically calculated and recalculated based on a formula.



  • Add documents from Mobile Install to project files and project setting to prompt for new Mobile Install documents
  • Locations can be promoted and demoted in Project Editor
  • Option to convert package items to items in projects
  • Approved change orders can be deleted
  • Option to not create revision for internal change order
  • Split Order Number field to “Order Number” and “Accounting Order Number” in projects
  • Add “Do Not Order” field on catalog and project items and ignore “Do not order” items when ordering
  • Add hyperlinks to “Order Number” on Project Editor to open purchase order
  • Prompt to delete order number(s) in project editor when purchase order deleted.
  • Improve Avalara tax integration to account for specific location tax adjustments
  • Allow Installation Price window to be maximized and printed
  • New Item Validation Setting for Unit Price > MSRP
  • Display Average price and total labor hours for selected items in project editor
  • Update Foreign Currency option for project reports to automatically pull current exchange rate



  • Support png image format in Product Thumbnails
  • User can apply both quick filter and query at same time in product explorer
  • Filter for unassigned subcategory in project explorer and labor explorer
  • Add Margin and Markup fields to CSV Export
  • Add "Has Large Image" to queries and as a column in Product Explorer



  • Clients reports to have new parameter to allow for discounted amount to not show per line item
  • Add report setting to Management Reports to include Use Tax in in item cost



  • Improve the speed for opening Visio drawing
  • Renaming a port will not disconnect connected ports in Visio schematic pages
  • Fix scaling issues in AutoCAD Elevation blocks



  • Upgrade to .Net Framework 4.7.2
  • Allow users to sign in with user name or email
  • Display Session Timeout/Terminate date on user sign in logs
  • Allow users to configure number of older automated backups to store
  • Allow Client and Contact Owner to be exported to CSV



  • Active Reports Out of Memory exception when inserting high res images in report designer
  • Latest image not displayed when project item in project editor
  • Change to long password may get error message as “string or binary data would be truncated”.
  • Timeline scroll bug in Calendar interface
  • Records per page not persisting for Add Product dialog in Project
  • Warn user when publish task or service order with Inactive Mobile Installer
  • Billing Address field in Report Designer not working
  • Downloads not displaying on right panel when downloaded from recent products
  • "Category" filter clearing when searching on shape drop


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