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Link to Product (Visio)



The Link to Product feature allows you to link any Visio shape to an SI Product. You can then create a new Master Shape for use in Projects.You can create your own custom Visio shapes or link third-party Visio shapes to your SI Catalog, e.g. NetZoom.



Create or drag in a shape that you want to link to a Product. If you used multiple shapes to create your final shape, select them all choose to Group them:


grouping shape.png


Right-click on the grouped shape and choose Show ShapeSheet:


show shapesheet.png


In the ShapeSheet change the value of "SelectMode" from 1 to 0:


select mode.png


Close the ShapeSheet window.


Back on the Visio page, right-click the shape and choose D-Tools->Link to Product->New:




The Add Products form will open. Select a Product and then click the [Add and Close] button:




This shape is now linked to that Product within this Project and the Product has been added to the Project Editor.


If instead you chose to link to an existing product, a form opens allowing to select a Product that is already a part of the Project:




In order to be able to re-use this shape on future Projects, you must create a new Master Shape. You can add the shape to an existing D-Tools Visio Stencil or you can create a new Stencil.

Creating a New Stencil


In the Visio Shapes window, select More Shapes->New Stencil (either US or Metric):


new stencil.png


The Stencil will be created and will be open for edit. Drag your shape into the Stencil:


drag to new stencil.png


A new Master Shape will be created:


new master.png


Rename the shape and then click the [Save] button:


save stencil.png


In order for this Stencil to display with your SI Visio Stencils you must navigate and save to the following folder on your machine:




Note: AppData is a hidden folder so you will need to change your Windows settings to show hidden files and folders.


stencil location.png

Adding to existing Stencil


In the D-Tools Shapes window, right-click the Stencil you want to use and select Open Stencil:


open stencil.png


The Stencil will open in the Shapes window. Right-click on the title bar of the Stencil and select Edit Stencil:


edit stencil.png


Drag your shape into the Stencil:

drag to new existing stencil.png


Click the [Save] button. There is no need to select a path since this Stencil already exists:


save existing stencil.png


It is a good idea to now Lock the Stencil so if we (D-Tools) release updated Stencils, yours won't get overwritten.

Using the Shape(s)


Now you can use your custom Shape(s) just as you would any stock D-Tools Shape. If you drag the Shape directly to a Visio page, the Add Product form will open and be filtered to the Product you have assigned the shape, acting as a one-to-one relationship vs. a one-to-many. However, you can select any Product from your SI Catalog simply by clicking the [Reset] button in the Filter and Query section of the ribbon:



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