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The Replace function is accessible within a Project Editor via the Tools tab:


replace button.png



This feature is essentially a "delete/add" function but with the added benefits of maintaining some of the original Item's information. Replace can be used for Products, Labor Items, and Packages. The details below are for Products as they have the most options.



Once you have selected the Item(s) that you want replace, click the Replace button and choose either Product, Labor, or Package:


replace button.png


This will open the following form listing Products in your Catalog. It will be filtered by Category but you can click the Reset button on the ribbon to clear the filter to view your entire Product list. 


replace interface.jpg


Choose a replacement item from your Catalog or if necessary you can create a new Product:


new button.jpg


You have multiple options for maintaining some characteristics of the item that you are replacing:


replace options v13.jpg



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