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A report in SI can have four types of Sections: Detail, Report Header/Footer, Page Header/Footer, and Group Header/Footer. Headers and Footers are counted together because you can't have one without the other, although you don't have to use both the Header and Footer for each section.




In the image above, you see other sections like "GrpDynamicHeader1", which is just a specialized Group Header. Also ones like "grpHeadings", these are just Group Headers that have been renamed.

Detail Section


Every report in SI has a Detail Section, often named "Detail1", whether or not it is actually used on the report to contain fields. The Detail Section represents a single record in the report data so any fields placed in this section will not iterate. The Detail Section contains a very important piece of data, the Recordset Pattern. When you click on the database looking icon in Detail section, the Report Data Source form will open:




Report Data Source form:




File URL

There are currently no options for changing this file so this field should not be changed.

Recordset Pattern

The Recordset Pattern shows the path to the node in the Data Explorer from where the report's data fields reside. In the example above, the fields are pulled from the "dtr:Proposaltems" node vs. the "dtr:Items" node:




When adding fields to a report, you should always verify the Recordset Pattern used so that you pull your fields from the proper node in the Data Explorer .

Report Header/Footer


The Report Header/Footer sections print once per report. Some of the stock SI reports use these sections, others do not. When used, the Report Header/Footer are always the first and last sections of the report. You can not change the position of these sections.


A good example of the Report Header section being used is on all Proposal reports. Since this section only prints once per report, we used this section for the cover page of the report.


report header section.jpg

Page Header/Footer


The Page Header/Footer sections print their detail once per page within the report and should be used for information you want repeated on every page. These section display "beneath" (below for the Header and above for the Footer) the Report Header/Footer sections. You can not change the position of these sections.


An example taken from a stock Proposal report is shown below:


page footer section.jpg

Group Header/Footer


You can have multiple Group Header/Footers in reports. These are often renamed to identify what data is being shown within the section. An example of this is shown below from a stock Proposal where some Group Footers were renamed:




Group Headers/Footers can be re-arranged by right-clicking anywhere on the report within the Report Designer and selecting "Reorder Groups":




The Group Order form will open and you can drag and drop the Groups to re-order them:



Dynamic Group Headers/Footers


There are specialized Group Headers/Footers in some stock SI reports that are dynamic. Click here for more information.

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